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Winters tend to change every aspect of life, including the vehicle's parts such as tyres. It changes the way of living, or way of styling and whatnot. This time of the year vehicles require an upgrade, as it's the time where tyres needs to be in the best of condition. Car tyres are transitioned into winter tyres, which are different from the summer ones. Since it’s a long process, people often consider and start changing them after the end of the summer. This change is crucial for your car because it allows your car to move freely and derive the best performance through snow and ice.

We have our professional team which specialises in excellent tyre repair and consultation at competitive prices. First Point Automotive is always available for your needs and will be providing guaranteed services. To book an appointment contact our customer care representatives today.

Why are winter tyres needed?

Winter tyres tread differently, and are patterned with wider grooves and narrow silts. They are used because it helps to provide a better grip on snow or ice-covered roads at temperatures below - 7 degrees Celsius. The rubber used in standard tyres gets stiffer as temperature drops which initially results in reduced grip on snow-covered roads. On the other hand, winter tyres are made up of different materials that give soft structure giving it a good grip to endure the snow. It has strong traction that helps to move efficiently on ice, snow and slush.

If you are not using winter tyres, you may endure some problems, which threaten your traveling, and turn out to be an obstacle. These include:

  • Poor acceleration and inefficient movement
  • Less resistance 
  • Poor grip
  • Too much friction causing your tyres to wear and tear. It might lose its elasticity which will lead to cracks and uneven shape

Precautions to change winter tyres

If you’re well aware of changing summer tyres, then switching to winter tyres won’t be a big deal for you. All it requires is to know the way and how it functions. With more practice and more knowledge, tyres will be easier to handle. But there are some precautions which are kept in mind just for safety.

  • Be careful while changing tyres. Often people mix up the tyres while changing them, or are not aware of it due to its same shape and size. Mixing up of tyres will lead to accidents and make it harder to drive.
  • Be equipped with your tools while you’re changing the tyres.
  • Winter tyres are a good investment. In the long run, they turn out to be cheaper as they last longer and perform better.

Choose Reliable Tyre-Care

First Point Automotive has a fully equipped and operational team which performs winter tyre repairing, installation, and consultation. With our professionals, the work gets done easily and efficiently. Ring our tyre experts to enjoy committed tyre-care for your vehicle.

It's your car, and we ensure that it gets the care and attention it deserves. Our services are available at cost-effective prices throughout the year. So, feel free to bring your vehicle to our garage for a quick tyre inspection, fitting and repair.

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