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What started as a tyre manufacturer soon came to be known as a giant in the business. Pirelli has become a symbol now, hosting several events and gaining popularity among the professionals. Finding Pirelli in Bilston is now a reality which was earlier a distant dream.

Founded in 1872, Pirelli has witnessed the advancements made in the automobile industry. From common households to racing tracks, Pirelli has become synonymous with reliable tyres. To list a few achievements, Pirelli has been the official tyre partner for some major motorsports events like Grand-Am Sports Car series and the iconic F1 series as well. Contributing its technological wonder, the tyres bearing a yellowish hue of printed letters always finds a way to dazzle the crowd.

Since 2011, Pirelli has been the tyre partner of F1 and it will continue its contribution to the famed motorsport till 2023. Pirelli and motorsports go along like siblings, they both define each other. Major F1 teams rely upon Pirelli’s gear to win races in all weather conditions. Since Pirelli isn’t just restricted to motorsport events, you can find a set of tyres fro the brand for your vehicle too. You can always find Pirelli working for motorbikes, cycles and commercial vehicles as well. As of now, Pirelli ranks fifth among the top tyre manufacturing brands across the globe. To get the best set of budget and premium tyres from the brand, contact us.

Tyres for all

Having said that, Pirelli is known for its products for the masses. Not just F1 but all common vehicles share Pirelli’s name. With a wide network of 14,000 plus dealerships worldwide, you can find the right set of tyres for your vehicle. Coming to tyres though, maintenance is the key that’ll help you out in the longer run.

Finding the best set of Pirelli Bilston for your vehicle has become easier than ever before. You can find the best set of rubbers for your ride. Tyres are essential in nearly every aspect for a vehicle, without tyres, vehicles are just useless. Hence, maintaining tyres is of paramount importance whenever it comes to vehicle maintenance as a whole.

Tyres brave a lot daily. They brave the harsh roads, high speeds, unfavourable stoppages, intense heat through friction, and much more. Therefore, treating them with care is as important as treating the other components of your vehicle.

Why us?

At First Point Automotive, we take care of your vehicle’s troubles with the best tools and teams at our disposal. Our talented staff makes sure that your vehicle gets the best treatment a vehicle can ever get. And as far as choosing the best tyres are concerned, we can help you with that as well, our inventory consists of major brands.

Finding the best set of rubbers for your vehicle is now a lot easier, and with our experts, you’ll be able to sport these tyres on your vehicle in no time. The budget shall not bother you much as the rates are decent enough, there’s always a way to crack a good deal with us. Ring our experts to get the best estimates for all your tyre needs.


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