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Car tyres are highly essential and have a significant role in the functioning of your car. The four tyres installed in the axle of your vehicle maintain contact with the surface ground and enables you to drive through. But these tyres face a lot of tension and struggle when they function. Often while driving, people meet with uneven roads, disrupted weather, temperature fluctuations, and whatnot, which often causes accidents. Tyres help the car tread through the roadblocks safely. Therefore, tyres are given equal importance along with the other parts of the vehicle.

With the advancement in technology and improvement in mechanical knowledge, tyre manufacturers produce extra-grip tyres. Besides, tubeless tyres are even used for better performance and efficient use. But, the summers are regarded as a blowout season for the tyres. Due to high-temperature issues that take place on the concrete roads. The season leads to underinflation and makes it prone mishaps. When compared to winters, summers are more troublesome for such threats. Thus, if you've fallen into such trouble and looking for reliable tyre service, then First Point Automotive is the garage for you. Contact our customer care executives to find out more.

Reasons for tyre damages in summer

During summers, when a car is driven down the road, the sidewalls of the tyres bend. It grabs the amount of asphalt and then increases the heat. If the tyre pressure is correct, then it likely gets less heated up. On the other hand, if the tyre pressure is too low, then it might get more heated up, causing more bends. Eventually, an underinflated tyre may cause a blowout which results in permanent damage to the vehicle.

Due to high temperatures (above 7 degrees Celsius), poor maintenance, uneven roads, using the wrong kind of tyres in summer causes problems. The friction between the surface of the road often heats the tyre externally. It weakens the rubber. These are the disadvantages that are faced due to the high temperatures of the summer season. Technically during summers, the consumers stay more concerned and try to minimise from such detriments.

Why First Point Automotive?

If you're getting involved in such kind of problems and you're unaware about the solution then you do not need to worry about. The solutions are always provided when you choose the right people for help. First Point Automotive provides you with the best kind of summer tyre services, from maintenance to tyre replacements, we offer solutions to all your problems.

At First Point Automotive, we pride in our team of experts offering best services with assured guarantee. Our professionals look after your vehicle with care and let you enjoy your comfort right after getting intensive repairs. We also offer a competitive budget. This means you can enjoy our summer tyre repair services under a desired and handy budget. Moreover, our team focuses more on quality work so you do not have to face the same issues again. To book your appointment ring our experts today.

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