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We offer same day exhaust repairs and a while you wait service for exhausts. After checking your entire exhaust system we will only replace parts that are necessary to be replaced.

An exhaust system carries the waste gases and other products away from the automobile engine. It lets the vehicle move with minimal noise, pollution, and smoke transmitted to the environment. A properly maintained system is imperative to the efficient and clean operation of the car.

What is the use, and what are its functions?

For the internal combustion engine that drives cars, trucks, and bikes, the exhaust system carries the waste gases away and through a system of pipes and manifolds. The exhaust system is an integral part of the vehicle engine and must be kept in good order; otherwise, the performance of the engine and mileage will suffer.

The exhaust manifold is the primary component of the system, which comprises of the stainless steel, cast-iron unit or aluminum that adjoins the engine’s combustion cylinders and collects the gas from the combustion process. Car enthusiasts have the option of detailing the engine with extractors or exhaust headers, which are the pipes linked to cylinders. The exhaust is funneled in a collector, which directs the exhaust to a secondary component of the system. This system will allow the engine to run efficiently. A network of pipes carries exhaust gases through a muffler, which comprise of the series of baffles that damp the noise of the escaping gases and engine combustion. Without a muffler, the combustion noise will directly escape from the exhaust pipe, creating a lot of distractions for pedestrians and drivers. As stated by the law, a muffler should be in excellent working condition.

A catalyst converter is used to complete the ignition of gases that are burned entirely within the engine’s combustion chamber. The catalytic converter prevents pollutants like nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from getting escaped in the atmosphere. As per UK law, a catalytic converter should be in good working condition, and most of the states need annual testing of the component to assure that the vehicle is emitting less pollution in the atmosphere. The exhaust of the engine finally reaches the tailpipe, which is made of tail tubing or stainless steel - the pipes of the exhaust vents the gases behind or above the vehicle. Modern systems have reduced the pollution by a considerable amount in the past few decades and have also helped to decrease smog or other pollutants in most of the cities. 

Why choose us?

The exhaust not only gets the car rid of spent gases but also boost the performance of an engine, controls noise, and improves fuel consumption. It might get difficult sometimes to spot the problem in your exhaust as it is under your car, but a hissing, booming, or rattling noise can indicate that it is time for the replacement. If you are worried about this issue, exhaust Bilston services from First Point Automotive can make your car in a working condition just like before. We only carry out work which is required genuinely. For friendly and professional service, call us today for a competitive quality service from the experts.

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