Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair
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Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

For a vehicle owner there are few words as scary as engine repair. If a mechanic mentions this phrase it immediately brings thoughts of extensive and expensive services. While some engine trouble may occur completely unexpectedly there are other issues that will provide warning signs long before they become dire situations that result in these big bills. If you run into any of these signs of major engine trouble be sure to contact your local mechanic in order to have them repaired prior to bigger issues arising.

Knocking Noise
Perhaps one of the first signs of trouble you may run into is a knocking noise that occurs under the hood while your vehicle is running. This is the sound of the engine bearings clanking as they wear out, which can happen due to general high mileage or if the engine is operated with low oil levels. The engine bearings are what all of the moving parts of the motor rest on, and should they become worn they’ll need to be replaced, which may require a partial rebuild of your vehicle’s motor.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke
Another sign of trouble can be easily spotted with your eyes. Excessive amounts of colored exhaust smoke will indicate one of several problems, depending on the color. Black smoke indicates too much gasoline is being burnt, blue smoke is a sign of an oil leak inside the engine and white smoke indicates a coolant leak. Any time your vehicle is producing large amounts of exhaust head to the auto shop to see what the problem is.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency
A drop in your MPG’s can be caused by numerous issues, some much more serious than others. It may be as simple as something such as a clogged air filter, but it could be a result of more intricate engine issues.

Lack of Power
Another fairly general symptom of trouble is that a lack of power and performance. If your car is now having trouble getting up to speed, has a rough idle, or needs several minutes to warm up prior to being able to drive properly there’s a good chance that some sort of engine trouble is occurring.

If your vehicle is suffering from any sort of performance problem, loss of fuel economy or is giving you some sort of other engine trouble indicator be sure to head to First Point Automotive in Bilston. Our team of talented technicians can service your vehicle no matter what you drive, ensuring it is running at its peak operating ability.


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  • Anthony Gutierrez
    3rd May 2018, 1:50 pm REPLY

    If you want to extend the longevity of your vehicle’s engine, then you must be aware of the signs of engine trouble. Basically, an engine is considered as the vehicle’s nucleus. Thus, you can’t drive safely with a faulty engine. When your vehicle starts making strange noises, when your engine starts performing inconsistently, when your speed machine produces oil patches, and when your vehicle’s fuel efficiency decreases continuously, you can assume that your vehicle’s engine is sick. You need to schedule an appointment with an unflawed car mechanic- right that moment for healing the damages caused to your roadster’s hub.

  • Janet Chua
    29th June 2018, 2:32 pm REPLY

    The engine is main component of a vehicle considered as the nucleus. A vehicle can’t run with a faulty engine. Here in this blog the author has cited some signs which indicate our car needs engine repair. If a knocking noise is heard from under the hood, that is noise of engine bearing clanking as they wear out. Other signs include decrease in fuel efficiency, excessive exhaust smoke and lack of power and performance in the engine. If you notice any of these signs in the vehicle then you must take it to a certified auto repair shop to repair the engine and for this you may refer to:

  • Emma Megan
    30th July 2018, 2:31 pm REPLY

    Engine is like the heart of the car. It is the main component in a car. So if the engine gets into trouble, then all other parts are also affected by this. Here in this blog some common engine problems have been mentioned. Decreased fuel efficiency is caused due to more intricate engine issues. Other signs of engine issues are knocking noise coming from under the hood, excessive amount of exhaust smoke and lack of power & performance in the vehicle. If any of these signs is observed in the vehicle, then you must contact with a certified auto repair shop to repair the engine without negligence. Please contact:

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